When you outsource dental billing services, you hand over your dental insurance processing and collection services to a third-party agency. In every dental practice, there’s a team that handles dental insurance’s claims processes. This team is usually the in-house dental administrative team. However, would it be beneficial to out-source and contract these tasks to a dental billing service-providing company? Or will it be beneficial to speak to a risk management consultant to help you make a decision when considering Outsourcing Dental Billing Services?

You might want to outsource your dental practice billing services, as it can help reduce labor and training costs. Labor and training costs in what sense? For all dental billing tasks to be done, you either hire people or pay for someone to train your dental team. You could pay an in-house person or an agency to train the team. These costs don’t end there, as you still get to pay the dental team to carry out the dental billing tasks.  Additionally, there’s no guarantee that your training investment will pay-off.

Let’s see other benefits of outsourcing dental billing services.


3 Benefits Of Outsourcing

  1. A dental billing company takes care of all dental billing services efficiently and effectively.

A trusted dental billing service providing company employs the best method to ensure that every dental billing task is thoroughly completed. Such companies also help fix problems like an unorganized billing process, low insurance collections, an overburdened dental team, etc.

By outsourcing dental billing services, you relieve the in-house dental team of their administrative tasks and allow them to focus more on revenue making tasks, such as quality patients’ treatment follow ups,  patients’ recalls and treatment plan sales.


  1. Outsourcing allows your dental team to give more attention to patients.

Dental billing requires dedication as much as it requires time. The in-house dental team already is over-burdened with many administrative tasks that are not considered revenue making tasks; however, when you outsource the work to  a billing company, you allow the dental team to pay more attention to patients’ compliance with treatment plans and risk management issues. Both of these tasks are extremely important to a successful and profitable dental practice.

When the dental team is relieved of non-revenue producing administrative tasks, they get more disposable time which can be dedicated to revenue making tasks.

Can the dental team use this time to explain to patients what dental insurance plans and recommended treatment plans entail? Of course! This will help your patients better understand the recommended treatment plan and the positive impact the completion of the Treatment Plan will have to their overall health, as well as the negative consequences of ignoring and postponing the recommended treatment.  Patients can thoroughly formulate informed decisions and obtain, if necessary, financing for the recommended treatment plan.

Additionally, the dental team will have more time to understand not only patients’ dental needs, but “wants” ; identifying those cosmetic procedures patients may want to improve their image, which may not be part of the recommended treatment plan. This is one way to obtain increased sales  revenue.

When time-consuming tasks like dental claims submission, posting insurance payments, and other tasks are taken care of by a billing company, the dental practice’s team will also have more time to dedicate to Compliance and Risk Management issues, all extremely important aspects of the dental practice.


  1. Outsourcing can keep your team updated.

Dentistry frequently experiences dental billing coding changes. An example is the American Dental Association (ADA) which frequently changes codes.

The dental team must thoroughly be aware of these frequent changes, and in order to be up-to-date with  the latest changes, dental practices need to send their administrative dental team to attend expensive seminars and conferences.  If you work with a dental billing company, you can be free of such costs. Since billing companies like Health Management Solutions Inc and their subcontractors are usually updated on such changes, they share the knowledge with your team when they guide the dental team in choosing the right codes. While billing agencies do not select the codes for your dental practice; however, they will inform the dental team of better and current coding options.

Not only does a practice need to make continuous significant educational investment on their administrative  human resources, only to be able to keep up with industry changes, but  the dental practice may never see a return on this educational investment because very frequently employees leave.  Particularly during labor shortages, as the one we are currently experiencing, when highly technical administrative knowledge is at a premium, and dental practices are willing to pay top dollars for highly skilled administrative staff members.

When a dental practice outsources the entire billing process,  not only your dental practice’s revenue stream is un-interrupted due to staffing changes, but is done according to the latest coding changes and you never have to invest on continuous dental billing training.


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