Fee Schedule Negotiations Maintenance Services

Fee Schedule Negotiation Maintenance Services in South Florida & Across the U.S.A

FEE SCHEDULE NEGOTIATIONS: Insurance companies often allow dentists to increase their fees. This can happen if they ask for it or if a consulting firm like Health Management Solutions, Inc. helps them discuss these fees. This way, dentists can earn more money and stay competitive. While not all insurance plans will talk about fee changes, dentists in South Florida and across the United States can increase their fees twice a year. Health Management Solutions, Inc. can use their subcontractors to help your dental office talk about fees twice a year. We’ll thoroughly review each fee plan and work out a fair increase based on typical fees (UCRF). Our team will support your office, which will help increase your earnings gradually. Over time, this will help your practice keep up with the rising cost of living and keep your prices competitive.


Streamlining Dental Practice Management.   Health Management Solutions, Inc. and its associates’ subcontractors understand the importance of having up-to-date fee schedules in your Practice Management System (PMS) to enable efficient practice management. It is crucial to have accurate charges in the PMS before submitting claims to dental insurance providers. This ensures that your practice staff can appropriately calculate patients’ payment responsibilities based on your dental practice’s UCR Fees. By entrusting us to update your fee schedules in the PMS, we streamline your billing processes.


Staying Current and Relevant at the beginning of each year, Health Management Solutions, Inc. and its subcontractors diligently obtain up-to-date fee schedules from various dental insurance providers. January is a time when many insurance providers revise their fees annually. Our subcontractors will create a fee table in your practice’s PMS, aligning it with the procedure codes and calculating the dental insurance allowable amount. By staying on top of these fee schedule changes, we ensure that your practice remains current and relevant in the ever-evolving dental industry.

The following fees will be updated:

PPO fee

We ensure that your PPO fee schedule is up-to-date, reflecting the negotiated rates with dental insurance providers participating in your network. This allows your practice to provide cost-effective services to PPO patients while maximizing revenue.

UCR fee

The Usual Customary Reasonable Fee (UCR) is an essential benchmark in dental practice management. Our subcontractors will update your UCR fee schedule, ensuring that your fees align with industry standards and reflect the reasonable charges for your geographical area in South Florida and across the United States.


For patients with Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) policies, we will update the fee schedule accordingly. This ensures accurate billing and appropriate reimbursement for the services provided under these plans.

Specialty fee

Specialists play a vital role in dental care, and their fees may differ from those of general practitioners. We will update the fee schedule for specialty services, aligning it with the specific insurance allowable amounts for each procedure. This enables accurate billing and fair reimbursement for specialized treatments.

By regularly performing fee schedule maintenance and updates, Health Management Solutions, Inc. helps your dental practice optimize revenue, maintain competitive pricing, and deliver high-quality care to your patients in South Florida and the United States. Let us handle the complexities of fee schedule negotiations and updates, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional dental services. Start maximizing your practice’s potential today.

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