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Dental practice management consultants provide several learning opportunities for dentists around the area. Including cash management, where our team of experts will help you get to practice different methods and techniques for managing the cash flow of your dental office. We also have the knowledge to sit with you and assist you with getting a better handle on your office’s risk management. We will work endlessly to educate your dental staff on promoting compliance awareness and helping them understand current regulations. Another option we have for the continuing education of your dental staff is a HIPAA course where we provide in-depth analysis and discussion on HIPAA’s privacy regulations for documentation as well as Florida’s state laws regarding privacy. An OSHA course is something that may also help your staff by helping them understand their legal responsibilities when if they should fail to comply with any regulating organization. Health Management Solutions, Inc. can also help dentists by getting them in contact with subcontractors allowing them to release some of the insurance paperwork from their responsibilities. We have subcontractors to help with insurance claim processing and follow-up, so your dental practice has no account receivables. Also, we have subcontractors that can help with eligibility and dental insurance verifications so that your office won’t have to worry about verifying your patient’s dental insurance benefits before they come in for their appointment.

Top Dental Practice Management Consultants

With Health Management Solutions, Inc., there is an endless amount of opportunities for you to grow and develop as a dental professional. Other courses that are offered through our programs include:

  • Biomedical Waste Regulations: In this course, dental professionals will gain knowledge and understanding of their legal responsibilities in handling biomedical waste.
  • Dental Documentation and Record-Keeping: Here, you will learn about the required and recommended documentation and record-keeping practices in the dental community. This course will include a detailed presentation with in-depth examples along with samples of the forms that are being recommended for your office to use.
  • Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: This course will provide dentists with an in-depth understanding of how important it is to properly diagnose and plan a patient’s treatment. You will also gain an understanding of how presenting the best treatment plan to a patient isn’t just about them, but it is also the moment that you acquire maximum liability.
  • Florida Laws and Rules: During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of the Florida state laws and statutes, including, Chapter 466 and Rule 64B5, that affect dental professionals. Through the teaching, you will gain more knowledge about your professional responsibilities in the state as a dentist.
  • HIV/AIDS: You will leave this course with strategies and techniques for preventing exposure to blood-borne pathogens. There will also be an in-depth lecture on the CDC recommendations and protocol for HIV/AIDS post-exposure.

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If you are a dentist working with healthcare consulting firms or own private practice, Health Management Solutions, Inc. in Miami has the continuing education course and training you need. Call or visit us today to find out more about what we offer and get any questions you have answered!

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