Insurance Payment Posting

Streamlining Processing & Document Management for Dental Practices in South Florida

At Health Management Solutions Inc., we understand the significance of accurately processing insurance payments and efficiently managing related documents for dental practices in South Florida and across the United States. Through our Associates Subcontractors, we offer comprehensive Insurance Payment Posting Services, ensuring prompt posting of payments to the practice’s Ledger based on the instructions provided by the Account Receivable (AR) Manager. We collect payment information from various sources, and it is the responsibility of the dental practice to notify us about payment availability and related document management via email. 

The following sources are commonly utilized:

  • Lock Box: Payments received through a designated lock box facility
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol): Electronic transfers of payment files.
  • Insurance Website: Accessing payment information from the insurance
    company’s online portal.
  • Scanned EOBs and Checks: Payments and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) received by mail and subsequently scanned by the dental practice.

To ensure accurate bookkeeping and reconciliation, we strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the AR Manager for writing off payments in the Ledger. By following a defined timeline, we prioritize posting insurance payments promptly and maintaining a clear understanding of the Date of Deposit (DOD) and the Closer timetable, typically occurring at the end or beginning of each month.

Reporting plays a crucial role in keeping the AR Manager informed and empowered. We provide daily Run-Tape reports, which consist of a comprehensive summary of payments received. Within this report, we also highlight any discrepancies or payments that require immediate attention and clarification from the AR Manager. Additionally, we share a Monthly Report as per the indicated timetable, offering a comprehensive overview of the insurance payment activities during the month.

In addition to insurance payments, we also handle the posting of Credit Card payments made by patients, in accordance with the AR Manager’s instructions. To ensure the security and confidentiality of financial data, we strictly adhere to industry-standard practices and comply with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Act.

Document management is an essential aspect of our Insurance Payment Services, and we prioritize the organization and storage of patients’ important documents within their respective accounts in the Document Center of the Practice Management System (PMS).

The following documents are typically managed and stored securely:

  • Explanation of Dental Benefits (EOB): Detailed explanations of the dental benefits provided by insurance companies for specific procedures.
  • Predetermination: Documentation outlining the estimated coverage and patient responsibility for proposed dental treatments.
  • Driving License: Identification documents provided by patients.
  • HIPAA Form: Patient consent and acknowledgment of the HIPAA Privacy Act.
  • Other Contract Agreements: Relevant agreements or contracts between the patient and the dental practice.
  • Dental Benefits Breakdown: Detailed breakdown of the dental benefits covered by the insurance plan.

As these documents often arrive in bulk, particularly from dental insurance providers, we employ various sorting methods, such as by date, patient name, or insurance company, to effectively organize and manage them. By diligently uploading these documents into the respective directories within the patient’s document repository, we ensure easy access and retrieval when needed.

At Health Management Solutions Inc., we are committed to providing efficient and reliable Insurance Payment Posting Services. Our dedicated team, strict adherence to timelines, and meticulous document management practices ensure smooth operations and streamlined revenue management for dental practices. Partner with us to experience a more efficient and organized approach to insurance payment processing and document handling.


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